We offer aftermarket convertible tops for both domestic and imported vehicles. They are available in vinyl(sailcloth), cloth(stayfast), and your German materials. We have charts of the different types of material and colors that the convertible tops can be made from.

    In most cases if it is the original color you are wanting to go with, we are able to receive the top within two business days. Custom or hot rod colors take up to ten days to receive due to they have to be made prior to shipping. They all come with manufacturer’s warranties that range from five to eight years. From plastic (vinyl) rear windows to regular hard glass or defrosted glass we are here to meet your individual needs.

    There are several different types of convertible tops. Some are a one piece top with the window heatsealed into the top, while others are available as a two piece top, with the rear glass separate. Depending on your type of vehicle we are here to give you your options on any type of repair needed on your specific vehicle. We also repair mechanical issues on convertible tops on certain types of vehicles. We also offer repair on convertible rear glass that has began to separate or if the binding is beginning to come loose, however these cases are evaluated individually because if your top has already separated too severely you would need to replace the top. So do not hesitate to come by and let us take a look to see how we might be able to meet your individual needs.